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The session is free because unfortunately I hire less than 18% of my clients, My time is finite so I have to find the right people that will maximize the value of mentorhing to change their lifes exponentially.

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From Software Developer to Senior Back End Developer

Leo J.

I started as a classic Java software developer fresh out of college, which was a good position but I was always feeling that I can do so much more. I started coaching for about 6 months, with the goal of starting a new role that will be more interesting-challenging and of course will have better financial compensation.

Even from the first coaching session, we were already building a step by step plan with dedicated time to each activity, from getting new skills all the way to preparing for the interview.

After about 5 months I had my first offer and then I had 2 more so I was even able to reject companies. So far the position is incredible and I can't wait to see what else I can achieve.

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From MVP to Series A Funding

Austin K.

Before I started the coaching program I had an interesting technology product developed to React but I didn't have an actual business plan. I tried multiple times to pitch this idea to investors but every time I was rejected with little to no feedback. It was a frustrating experience and my time was running out.

Because of my time restrictions, I decided to work with a coach in order to understand what I am doing wrong, fix it and pitch again to new investors in order to start my journey as a start-up.

To my surprise, my coach showed me with respect and patience that almost everything that I had done on the business side was fundamentally wrong. Yes, the product was good and had potential, but I needed to change everything else. From the selling proportion all the way to target demographic and presentation to investors. After only 4 months I had my first investment with an amazing evaluation and a great investor that can help me get my company to the next level.

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Change my Financial plan and my Job in 8 months

Samuel M.

For me it was simple. I wanted someone to help me to achieve financial independence no matter what, so working with Miltos as my personal coach was the best thing that could happen to me. Basically, he took a holistic approach with me, trying to understand from my day-to-day expenses and balance sheet the way to improve my job and my monthly cash flow.

We decided on a crazy plan of not only changing my spending and investing habits but also finding a new job that can give me almost double the buying power in order to achieve financial independence in 6 years instead of 14 and retire completely.

When we started it sounded like a crazy dream but Miltos had a step by step plan for me to do and I just kept following the plan. One of the best parts was the weekly meetings that I was telling him the progress and he was giving me emotional support or changing the plan on the fly in order to make me achieve my dreams even faster.